Ait Benhaddou, Morocco.


Morocco Tours

From Bustling Bazaars to the Serene Sahara

Escape to a world of enchantments in Morocco. We’ve woven together a tapestry of adventures that bring you from the magical cities of Fes, Marrakesh, and seaside Essaouira, to the surreal Sahara desert. Whether you’re a hiker or a history buff, we have several journeys that show you the best of Morocco with expert Trip Leaders and wonderful accommodations—you could even stay at a private camp in the Sahara!

An aerial view of the inside of a rug shop in Morocco.

What Makes Our Morocco Trips Special?

  • Most Diverse Morocco Itineraries — You’ll explore Morocco’s remarkable contrasts on a wide variety of adventures: from the minaret-studded imperial cities, a seaside artists’ community, bustling bazaars, the silence of the Sahara, the beauty of the Middle and High Atlas mountains, and spectacular Dades Gorge.
  • Superb Trip Leaders — Our Trip Leaders are the most knowledgeable and experienced guides in Morocco, with a gift for bringing the country’s history and culture to life as they introduce you to the welcoming people, natural beauty, and rich cultural history of this magical country.
  • A Wide Variety of Cultural Experiences — Walk through ancient medinas, encounter nomads, hike in lush Middle Atlas valleys, explore an oasis, sip mint tea with a family in their home, ride a camel with Tuaregs, visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and hear live Gnaoan music.
  • Stay in Atmospheric Riads — You’ll enjoy the magical ambiance of riads, boutique hotels that feature a combination of modern and traditional decor, with beautiful tilework and intricate Moorish wood and plaster designs.
  • Exclusive Luxury Sahara Camp — We’ve created an exclusive hideaway that is secluded from the noise and crowds of other camps. We explore the desert before relaxing with our spacious walk-in tents, white tablecloth service, colorful Moroccan carpets, and cozy beds.

Everything You Need to Know

There are four distinct seasons in Morocco, and depending where in the country you are planning to visit, the time of year can make a big difference. Generally speaking, spring (February to May) and fall (September to November) are the best times to visit for a majority of the country, however if you are heading into the High Atlas Mountains, it is often better to aim for summer months. See below for a full explanation of Morocco’s different seasons to decide when is best for you.

Morocco weather chart.
A desert campsite in Morocco.

One of the best experiences that sets our journeys apart is our private luxury camp in the Sahara. Spacious tents are hung with richly-hued Moroccan fabrics, and there’s a comfortable outdoor sitting area where we can watch the sunset and stargaze beneath a spectacular night sky. Far from the noise and crowds of other camps, you’ll feel as if we have the desert all to ourselves.

Street scene in Marrakesh marketplace.

Morocco’s varied landscapes and unique history offer seemingly endless opportunities for exploration—we’ve highlighted our favorite activities below!

Grand crenellated entrance gate to a Moroccan city is covered in blue geometric tiles in front of bright blue sky.

Morocco is a rich, complex, and highly diverse country. See below for a quick overview that just scratches the surface of its people, music, cuisine, and architecture.

Woman shopping for carpets rugs in a market in Marrakech.

Not sure which Morocco adventure is best for you? See below for a side-by-side comparison of our itineraries to help make your decision easier. Still unsure? Our Africa Area Specialists are happy to answer any questions and explain the journeys in greater detail.


I knew this trip would be great but it was BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS! What an exciting, exotic, beautiful, and diverse country. I loved the High Atlas Mountains, so exceptionally scenic, the cities, medinas, and the sights, sounds, and aromas. The people were very friendly and gracious. Marrakesh is a happening, fun city and coastal Essaouira is pretty and peaceful. I loved it all!


Morocco was wonderful and we loved the trip, which was extraordinarily well-designed as usual for Wilderness Travel. When we compare WT itineraries and experiences to other companies, we consistently find that WT provides unique access to sites that other companies might ignore. There is a commitment to a complete, special experience that we appreciate.


The trip, itinerary, guides (main guide and every location guide), our driver, hotels, venues we stopped at along the way and everything else far exceeded our expectations. I have visited almost 50 countries and we both agree that Morocco is on the top of our lists.


Truly a wonderful, once in a lifetime trip. It was fascinating to go from an incredibly modern city like Casablanca to Berber desert camps in the Sahara. Everything was handled perfectly—we never had to worry about a thing!


An amazing range of sites, landscape, activities: the desert trek was a really unique experience that I’ll remember always; the mountain landscape was gorgeous; visiting Essaouira gave us a taste of the coast; everything was well organized but allowed flexibility.


It was our 13th WT trip and we were not disappointed. We continue to be loyal clients because of trips like this.


This was my first group ‘adventure travel’ trip and it exceeded all my expectations. I could not have enjoyed so many aspects of Moroccan life and culture had I been traveling on my own.

View of the Atlas Mountains, Ourika Valley.

Community & Conservation

Wilderness Travel is a proud sponsor of the High Atlas Foundation (HAF), and all of our trips to Morocco include a donation to the organization. The HAF supports Moroccan communities through local initiatives such as sustainable agriculture, clean drinking water, waste management, and women’s and youth programs.

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Our Africa Specialists know every detail about our Morocco trips. They will be happy to answer any questions and help you choose the journey that’s right for you. Contact us to learn more or book your trip today!