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Mystical Inca ruins, soaring Patagonian peaks, Darwin’s Galápagos Islands—Latin America is a fabled realm for adventure travel. Chile and Argentina’s wild natural beauty shines in Patagonia, and the Peruvian Andes beckon with haunting Inca sites. The Galápagos is an unrivaled natural history classroom, Brazil is the place to see jaguars on the prowl, and Costa Rica brings a perfect taste of the tropics.

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The trip totally surpassed my expectations. Patagonia was absolutely breathtaking and one of the most spectacular travels I have had so far.


This is the best Galapagos itinerary of any tour company with so many islands visited and such a comprehensive wildlife experience. There aren’t enough superlatives to express the depth of this fantastic experience.


This was without a doubt one of the best trips I’ve taken in my entire life. The professionalism and thoughtfulness that was demonstrated time and time again by the crew and the staff was superlative. An outstanding experience for me and my kids!


Superb trip! Just loved it. The Andes is such a rich area. Natural beauty (mountains, interesting flora and fauna) and such a strong cultural history make for a great trip. And when combined with an excellent leader and support team, the combination is unbeatable.


This was a trip of a lifetime. I loved, loved, loved the hiking, the views, the corners turned to find a spectacular glacial lake, towering rocks, a glacier swooping down, a waterfall. What more could a person want??


This is a trip of a lifetime. It is so wonderful to see and imagine the Inca Empire. This is a trip with a mixture of explorations in the city, towns and hiking in the wilderness to wonder the accomplishments of the Incas. Would recommend this trip to others. Also the picnics, porters and food was great. Being able to stay at the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge was priceless. This was one of the reasons I picked this trip over other companies that offer this trip.


Fantastic trip! From the moment we landed, the journey was seamless. Excellent attention to detail and warm, enthusiastic communication. The naturalist was best-in-class and really made the trip extra special!


A truly memorable bucket list trip! The entire group of seven of us agreed that it was the best vacation we had ever taken. We were as active as we wanted to be, and we always felt safe.


A fabulous itinerary, with spectacular scenery and hiking opportunities, wildlife, lodge comfort, quality dining, and no altitude—wow!


his was a truly exceptional trip where we felt that we were able to fully experience the Patagonian wilderness but from the relative comfort of some wonderful small hotels and estancias.


A magical tour of some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Flawless planning and support by Wilderness Travel. Excellent trip leaders!


An amazing trip! I felt the true vastness of the Cordillera Blanca through the well planned itinerary and the thoughtful and professional leadership.


Hiking the Inca Trail the Wilderness way was an amazing experience we will never forget. The views from the hikes and the campsites, especially the last one, were amazing and possibly even more spectacular than that of Machu Picchu, if that is even possible. The food on the trek was outstanding and we all wondered at how such delicious and fancy meals could be made on the trail. The nights spent hiking were quite luxurious from camp standards—between the porters and the dining tent and the toilet tent, it was easy to forget we were supposed to be camping! And of course, the company, from our Trip Leader Miguel to our fellow travelers, was wonderful as well.


I can’t give enough wonderful feedback! Our Trip Leader did a superlative job of helping to balance challenge with wonderment. The rest of the team on the trail were warm, professional, and kind. The food was terrific!

Everything You Need to Know

The islands are a year-round wonder—you simply can’t go wrong. Wildlife activity is always nonstop, however, the most popular months are typically December through June.

  • December to May is considered the “warm season” with warmer, calmer water and a more tropical climate (mid-to-high 80s F and wetter). From January to February, the land birds begin nesting and green sea turtles start to lay their eggs. In March and April, marine iguanas nest on land, blue-footed boobies begin their mating dances, and waved albatrosses arrive on Española.
  • June to November is considered the “dry season. The ocean is a bit cooler, (roughly 73°F) and air temperatures are very pleasant—in the high 60s to low 70s—and, although the skies are often overcast due to a high fog called the “garua,” it almost never rains. In summer, frigatebird chicks hatch, and whales and dolphins follow their migration routes.
Galapagos weather chart.
A man alongside a sea lion on a shore of a beach in the Galapagos Islands.
A tourist alongside a giant tortoise.

We’ve designed our Galápagos itineraries to highlight the best islands of the archipelago, with in-depth explorations of the eastern or western islands—or combine both for the Ultimate Galápagos experience! The east and west have unique characteristics and differences, learn more below!

Lupin field and mountain river scenery in Patagonia.

We time our trips for Patagonia’s ideal hiking weather, from late November through early March, when we can enjoy the mildest temperatures and 16 hours of daylight.

Los Glaciares national park in Patagonia.

An immense, wild territory covering over 400,000 square miles of Chile and Argentina, Patagonia spans the entire southern tip of South America, and has endless wild territory to explore. Our trips allow you to experience the best regions of this vast wilderness area: Tierra del Fuego, Los Glaciares, and Torres del Paine.

A woman resting at Las Torres.

Patagonia offers everything from long through-hiking treks to short leisurely walks. Our team of experts hand-pick the very best parts of these trails that show you the most magnificent vistas while staying away from the crowds. See here for just a few of our top picks.

Glaciers in Patagonia.

Not sure which Patagonia adventure is best for you? See below for a side-by-side comparison of our itineraries to help make your decision easier. Still unsure? Our Latin America Area Specialists are happy to answer any questions and explain the journeys in greater detail.

All our Peru departures reward you with awe-inspiring views, fascinating archaeological sites, wonderful cuisine, and a warm welcome from WT’s local friends. You can visit comfortably during much of the year because Peru is close to the equator and doesn’t have a lot of variation in temperature.

The two climate seasons are wet and dry. Hiking is best during the shoulder and dry seasons from April through December. Temperatures can vary quite a bit on the trail, so plan to dress in layers.

Peru weather chart.
A field and mountains in Peru.
Hikers crossing a stream by the waterfall below Winay Wayna in Peru.

The Inca Trail is best hiked between April and December. April-May is a shoulder season, June-September is considered the peak season, and October-December is another shoulder season. Each time period comes with its own positives and negatives, which we’ve laid out in a month-by-month overview below:

Local Quechua girls visit a trekker in her tent.

Wilderness Travel offers full-service camping on the Inca Trail. Most trip members are pleasantly surprised by the comfort of our mountain camps considering we’re on an expedition! We use four-person tents for only two people, ensuring a fair amount of space for sleeping. We serve meals in a large dining tent with table and chairs with back support. The dining tent is a nice place to relax and socialize while drinking tea or coffee in the evening. Our trail staff is highly trained and will take care of all the logistics so you can relax and enjoy the climb.


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