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Hiking Journeys to the End of the World

Patagonia is a land of superlatives. Stretching over the vast wilds of southern Argentina and Chile, it is a land heralded for its singular beauty. For over four decades, we’ve been exploring this masterpiece of nature and crafting unique itineraries that show you the best of the region’s most dramatic realms—with hikes on magnificent trails you’ll have practically to yourself and overnights in renowned estancias. Experience the end of the earth in WT-style!

A group of hikers on a trail towards mountains in Patagonia.

What Makes Our Patagonia Trips Special?

  • The Absolute Best of Patagonia — We’ll take you to the most iconic places including Fitz Roy, Torres del Paine, and Tierra del Fuego, hiking by day and being welcomed at boutique hotels and heritage estancias by night.
  • The Right Pacing to Truly Experience Patagonia — Patagonia is vast, and its weather is notoriously changeable—you can’t rush this trip, or you may never see the mountain views, much less truly experience its amazing parks.
  • Insider Access to Exclusive Accommodations — Our decades-long relationships in Patagonia give you special access to some of Patagonia’s most renowned estancias and lodges. We usually have sole access to each of these boutique accommodations.
  • Superb Trip Leaders and Expert Local Guides — Our Trip Leaders have decades of experience and incredible knowledge to share. You’ll be introduced to countless locals along the way and given a wonderful insider’s experience.
  • Comfortable Travel — Travel here requires a few long drives, but we do it in comfort, with a redesigned bus that has half the seats removed, doubling your legroom—and we make plenty of stops for photography and wildlife spotting.

Everything You Need to Know

We time our trips for Patagonia’s ideal hiking weather, from late November through early March, when we can enjoy the mildest temperatures and 16 hours of daylight.

Patagonia weather chart.
Los Glaciares national park in Patagonia.

An immense, wild territory covering over 400,000 square miles of Chile and Argentina, Patagonia spans the entire southern tip of South America, and has endless wild territory to explore. Our trips allow you to experience the best regions of this vast wilderness area: Tierra del Fuego, Los Glaciares, and Torres del Paine. 

A woman resting at Las Torres.

Patagonia offers everything from long through-hiking treks to short leisurely walks. Our team of experts hand-pick the very best parts of these trails that show you the most magnificent vistas while staying away from the crowds. See here for just a few of our top picks.

Glaciers in Patagonia.

Not sure which Patagonia adventure is best for you? See below for a side-by-side comparison of our itineraries to help make your decision easier. Still unsure? Our Latin America Area Specialists are happy to answer any questions and explain the journeys in greater detail.

Our long-term relationships in Patagonia give you the privilege of insider access. The boutique, family-owned lodges and estancias we partner with are a highlight of our Ultimate Patagonia and Estancias of Patagonia journeys for many guests, welcoming us in at the end of each day with a glass of Malbec and a roaring fire. In many of the lodges, we will have the whole property for our group alone, and as Patagonia becomes more and more popular as a destination, this kind of special access is increasingly hard to find.

We’ve been staying at some of the estancias for 30 or more years. They know us, and we know the wonderful families, hosts, and long-time staff members who make these accommodations feel like home in the wilderness. They are not “fancy” per se, but instead are genuine, inviting, secret hideaways that you will long remember. We start with a bang at El Pilar, a storybook lodge on the edge of Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Park, where Fitz Roy is framed by the dining room window and the home-cooking is superb. El Pilar sits right on the trail of one of the best hikes in the park, and is run by a wonderful couple, Guillermo and Cristina. Estancia Helsingfors is way off the road, exclusive to our group, and has the most magnificent setting imaginable (we even have the trails to ourselves here).


You could not have designed a better itinerary. Every day, every lodge, every meal, every experience was (unbelievably) better than the day before. Thank you for making this a phenomenal travel experience that I’ll remember for a lifetime.


We were so well taken care of—lovely hosterias, in unbelievable settings, always comfortable, and fantastic food.


The trip design was brilliant. Each day we thought we had captured “the prize” but the next day was even better. How did you do this?


The trip totally surpassed my expectations. Patagonia was absolutely breathtaking and one of the most spectacular travels I have had so far.


A fabulous itinerary, with spectacular scenery and hiking opportunities, wildlife, lodge comfort, quality dining, and no altitude—wow!


A 5-star experience—unforgettable, well organized, planned, paced.


Our Patagonia experience seemed surreal. Breathtaking views, outstanding Trip Leaders, and excellent lodging.


Of all nine of our wonderful WT adventures, Patagonia is one of our most memorable. The combination of outstanding WT staff and a truly magical place (plus the good fortune of great weather) made this trip a ‘life list’ experience for us!


This was a trip of a lifetime. I loved, loved, loved the hiking, the views, the corners turned to find a spectacular glacial lake, towering rocks, a glacier swooping down, a waterfall. What more could a person want??


Impeccable itinerary and outstanding implementation. Every day delivered a new ‘oh my’ because of the variety of the scenery and experiences. Thanks, Wilderness Travel!


Loved the variety, from penguins and glaciers, to high deserts and craggy mountains.


This was a truly exceptional trip where we felt that we were able to fully experience the Patagonian wilderness but from the relative comfort of some wonderful small hotels and estancias.

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