A sunset view of Monte Fitz Roy with a reflection in a pond.

Best Places to Visit in November

With the rainy season behind us, November is a wonderful time to explore the cultural gems of Cambodia and Guatemala as well as the colorful celebrations of the Black-necked Crane Festival in Bhutan and the Pushkar camel fair in Rajasthan.

Here is our full list of top places to visit this month.

A sailboat in Egypt.


From the ancient wonders of Cairo to the fertile Nile and its remote monuments including Luxor and Abu Simbel, Egypt shelters a vast array of adventure, and November is the perfect time to travel as the stifling summer heat subsides. Thanks to Egypt’s desert climate, it can be quite cool in the evening, especially when on the Nile River.

Two women walking in Rajasthan.


November is a wonderful time to visit India, just after the monsoon rains have passed and when the air is cooler. We love visiting during this time because it is also during the festivities of the Pushkar Fair, Rajasthan’s vibrant camel fair, a whirlwind of color, song, and dance.

A lake shore in Argentina.


With its wild landscapes, world-famous wine, and everchanging weather, Argentina reveals a world of adventure during spring (our autumn!). While Buenos Aires has mild weather year-round, Patagonia experiences famously changeable patterns, though November usually has warm days on the trail framed by throngs of wildflowers.

Traditional dancers in Bhutan.


November is a wonderful time to visit the Kingdom of Bhutan, when the rains have died down and we enjoy hikes in the refreshing autumn air of the Thimphu and Paro valleys. We timed our adventures to witness different festivals, and November is the Black-necked Crane Festival, honoring the sacred bird of Bhutan with colorful masked dances and songs.

A path in Cambodia.


The ancient sites and welcoming culture of Cambodia make the country a must-visit destination, and November is one of the best times to visit when it is drier and cooler, and the crowds are fewer. Clear blue skies make for fantastic photography opportunities and daytime temperatures can still get hot (but manageable), with warm, pleasant evenings.

A dock and boat in Guatemala.


December in Guatemala means the towns are adorned for the holiday season, spirits are high, the weather is great, and there are few crowds. This month tends to be cooler, with clearer skies and cold nights, but always be ready for the occasional rain shower.

A photographer taking photos of penguins in Georgia.

Falkland & South Georgia

If you enjoy photography during your travels, November in the Falklands and South Georgia Island is absolutely surreal. The soft light shimmers off the icebergs and hungry chicks loudly clamor to be fed while the males shuttle back and forth to the sea in the hunt for food.