Aerial view of a misty golden sunrise at the famous Avenue de Baobabs in western Madagascar.


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Where Natural History Abounds Without Limits

Cast adrift from the planet’s other land masses nearly 90 million years ago, Madagascar is one of Earth’s last frontiers, and an irresistible destination for adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts. The country’s long isolation from the rest of the world has created an evolutionary workshop where you’ll encounter many species found nowhere else: 80% of Madagascar’s wildlife is endemic! We’ve crafted several journeys take you inside the best locations this island-nation has to offer.

Everything You Need to Know

From lush, green rainforests to stark limestone tsingy formations to the dry spiny desert, Madagascar has a huge range of ecosystems, geography, and microclimates—and every area supports its own endemic species. Berenty, in the south, is the best place to see dancing sifaka lemurs, while Ankarana, in the north, is home to crowned lemurs. See below to compare the differences between the major National Parks and know what to expect from each.

Madagascars National Parks Map.

Madagascar has a tropical climate with many microclimates, so the weather can vary greatly depending on the time of year and region of the country. The north and south tend to be warm and dry, while the highlands, including the capital, Antananarivo, are cooler. The east is mostly rainforest, where wet weather is always a possibility.

The ideal time to visit is between April and November (there are heavy rains from December to March, so travel during that time is not recommended). Each season is unique and offers its own attractions. See below to understand the differences between each month and what to expect with each.

A chart showing weather in Madagascar.

Madagascar has a wide array of things to see and do when you visit, and our itineraries make sure you get to experience the best of it all. We put together a list of the top things you have to do when you visit.

A tourist holding a chameleon.

Each park in Madagascar is home to endemic species and fauna unique to that particular environment. To understand where to find what you’re looking for and when the best time of year is to see it, read more below.

Two women enjoying a glass of wine in Madagascar.

There’s so much to see and experience in Madagascar that the design of your trip is especially important. You’ll need enough time in each park to take full advantage of opportunities for wildlife viewing, photography, and spending time with locals. We provided a sample day itinerary so you can know when to expect before you arrive.

A woman in Madagascar dancing.

Wilderness Travel’s long-term relationships in Madagascar give you the privilege of insider access and authentic cultural exchanges. Depending on the adventure you choose, you can visit a school that has been a success story for nearby families, travel to a fishing village by outrigger canoe, talk with local female weavers and see their hand-loomed designs, visit with traditional wood carvers and paper makers, dance to live Malagasy music, and visit a wildlife research center. See below to learn more about each of these experiences.

A lemur.

Not sure which Madagascar adventure is best for you? See below for a side-by-side comparison of each of our itineraries to help make your decision easier. Still unsure? Our Area Specialists are happy to answer any questions and explain the journeys in greater detail.


The trip was excellent; I’d highly recommend it. Really fun…the local guides and Trip Leader were all wonderful. I am so glad Wilderness Travel took care of everything.


Our Trip Leader was amazing. We couldn’t figure out how he timed everything so perfectly! He’s a treasure and a fabulous representative of WT and Madagascar.


A wonderful experience that exceeded my expectations—and I’m picky! I like the small group size, and there was ample opportunity both to hike and to mingle with locals at markets and in villages.


Amazing! High quality outdoor experiences, lodgings, and cuisine—then listening to the haunting calls of the indri echoing through the jungle.


This was our first experience with a group tour—what a great introduction! We did this trip to see wildlife, and were delighted with what we got to see. Beautiful country, wildlife, and people—thank you for making our first group trip unforgettable!


Our local guides clearly loved their country, and were amazing at finding and showing us the birds and animals.


I thoroughly enjoyed this trip. There was a great mix of experiences in Madagascar. Obviously a lot of planning went into making it so memorable. Thank you!


It was a true adventure! The country was gorgeous to see and experience, the people of the country were friendly, and the experience with the lemurs was off the charts!


Our Trip Leader and local guides’ depth of knowledge was unbelievable. That’s one reason I chose a tour company for Madagascar—it would be very difficult to obtain such quality guiding on ones’ own.

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