Landscape with Atrani town at famous Amalfi coast, Italy.

Best Places to Visit in May

Adventure in some of these amazing places before the crowds and rising temperatures of summer take over. We love exploring the empty trails of Mustang and the Azores and searching for wildlife in Chobe National Park, Botswana.

Take a list at our full list of places to visit in May.

A lion in Botswana


The best game-viewing period in Botswana is during the “dry” season, which runs from late March to October, making May a wonderful time to visit. Savannas turn golden brown and game viewing is easier as animals concentrate around major water sources. The Okavango Delta’s water level also starts to rise at this time.

A colorful coral reef and fish.

Raja Ampat

Thanks to its equatorial location, Raja Ampat has a warm tropical climate year-round, with temperatures in the low 80s°F and occasional rain showers. Water temperatures range from 78-84°F, and May usually sees fewer boats than the summer months, so you’ll feel like you have this wondrous archipelago all to yourself.

A couple posing near scenic view of ocean in Croatia.


The Dalmatian Coast has a pleasant Mediterranean climate, and May welcomes warmer weather, with temperatures in the 70s°F. We love to explore during this time when there are fewer crowds in the lovely cities of Ljubljana, Rovinj, and Trogir.

A field of flowers with a mountain view in Montenegro.


Set out on an inspiring adventure before the summer crowds and rising temperatures hit Montenegro. May’s weather includes pleasant temperatures, cool breezes, and occasional rain. Biodgraska National Park is abloom with wildflowers, and the temperature is perfect for hiking.

A bridge with colorful flags in Mustang.


Mustang is a dry, high-altitude realm, and the weather is normally quite comfortable, with blue skies, but nights can be very cold. At high altitudes, the weather is always unpredictable, so bring your spirit of adventure. We’ve timed our May journeys here to experience the colorful Tiji Festival, with its chanting monks, clanging cymbals, and leaping masked dancers.

Costal path with Hydrangeas in Azores, Portugal.


The Azores have a subtropical climate with mild temperatures throughout the year. In the month of May, the days are longer, the rain and wind have calmed, and the sun is shining! Because of its unique location and our explorations in its various climates, clouds and rain are always a possibility.

Two people hiking in Spain.


We timed our Spain adventures, especially our Pilgrim’s Way journey, in May when the days are warm but not too hot, the fields are green, the birds are active, and wildflowers carpet the countryside. You can expect mostly sunshine, though in Galicia’s rugged verdant landscape, showers can appear any day.

A woman having breakfast in Amalfi, Italy.


May in Italy is a glorious time to experience la dolce vita—the sweet life. Tuscany and northern Italy burst to life with red poppy blooms, Amalfi and Capri enjoy breezy days, and southern Italy is blessed with warm, dry weather. Our trips this month tend to miss the summer humidity, making hiking conditions very comfortable.

A landscape in Greece.


Greece is blessed with a delightful Mediterranean climate, and May is one of the best times to visit when the isles are still green, wildflowers are in full effect, and northern Greece experiences full-flowing rivers. The daytime is warm but not too humid, perfect for hiking.