Macchu Picchu in late afternoon with rainbow in the background.

Best Places to Visit in August

Long summer days mean more time for adventures in these amazing destinations. We journey to Tanzania’s Serengeti to witness the Great Migration, Alaska’s Inside Passage for epic wildlife viewing, and the Peruvian Andes for treks on high trails near spectacular glacier lakes.

Take a look at our full list of best places to visit in August.

Wildlife in Serengeti.


The crown jewel of Tanzania’s national parks shines in August when golden savannas reveal massive migrating herds (along with their predators following close behind). It’s a thrill to witness the Great Migration and we stay in lodges that are far from the crowds and close to the action.

A couple enjoying a view of mountains in Peru.


We love exploring Peru in August, when it’s at peak dry season, with sunny days and clear skies making for incredible views of these astonishing mountainscapes. Altitude is the main factor controlling the climate here, so whether you’re hiking the Inca Trail or in the Cordillera Huayhuash, it’s best to pack layers.

A group of people hiking mountains in Switzerland.


Switzerland comes to life in August, when the snow has melted, and mountain activities abound under clear skies. It is peak season for travelers, but we designed our trips to avoid the crowds and bring you to remote trails. Temperatures are likely to reach the 60s°F and 70s°F during the day, with cool breezes and occasional rain.

Two grizzly bears walking on a shore of a lake in Alaska.


Alaska’s Inside Passage has a marine climate, which means rain is to be expected at some point on every trip. The rain itself is often a gentle mist, casting an aura of magic and mystery over the land. August is generally the warmest of the summer months, with long daylight hours, and one of the best times for hiking as the mountains are alive with greenery.

A piper plays the bagpipes on a hillside in traditional Scottish dress including kilt.


Scotland conjures up images of donning thick tweed coats, but August is the warmest month to visit, and we love this time for its long days and mild weather. You’re also likely to see whales, puffins, basking sharks, and seabirds. Of course, there is always a chance of rain in Scotland so pack accordingly.

Three lions drinking water.

South Africa

South Africa is blessed with starkly different climatic zones: the Cape region has a Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures averaging in the 70°Fs in August, while the Lowveld has a subtropical climate with warm temperatures and cooler evenings. Wildflowers begin to bloom on the coast and penguin chicks near Cape Town begin to hatch during this time.

A polar bear in the Arctic.


August is one of the best months to visit the Arctic because of its warmer weather and longer days. It is possible to spot a wide variety of wildlife including birds, walrus, seals, whales (minke, humpback, fin, and even blue whales), and the iconic polar bear. Temperatures throughout the Arctic range from the 40s°F to mid-50s°F.

A jaguar.


August in Brazil is a wonderful time to visit, when there is less rainfall and animals tend to cluster around the smaller stretches of water, leading to greater opportunities for jaguar sightings. Temperatures are comfortable, humidity is down, and mosquitoes are less abundant.

Three people on a safari observing an elephant.


August is the perfect time of year for a walking safari in Zambia. Not only are temperatures pleasant, with fewer rain showers, but wildlife movements become easier to track due to limited groundwater making it the perfect time for animal viewing.