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COVID-19 Safety & FAQs

The Public Health Emergency for COVID-19 declared by the World Health Organization and the US Department of Health and Human Services expired in 2023. As of March 2024, we no longer require guests who exhibit cold or flu symptoms to test for COVID-19. Guests who test positive for COVID-19 will be required to follow local health protocols, wear a mask in group vehicles and during indoor activities for the remainder of the trip, and may be asked to dine separately. Any travel companion sharing a room with them will also be required to wear a mask at all times in the shared group vehicles for the remainder of the trip.

We encourage all travelers to actively monitor their own well-being and to use common-sense preventative measures such as regular handwashing (or use of hand sanitizer) and/or wearing a face mask. If you are feeling sick, we encourage you to self-isolate and/or wear a mask to protect your fellow travelers. Guests may be required to wear a mask if the Trip Leader believes the situation warrants it.

Leading up to the trip, we encourage you to do everything possible to stay healthy, including avoiding close contact with anyone displaying cold or flu symptoms and washing your hands often. As always, by traveling with Wilderness Travel, guests agree to be accountable for their own well-being. If you are worried about a fellow traveler’s cold or flu-like symptoms, you may opt to wear a mask or distance yourself as needed. It’s important to remember that there are inherent risks associated with travel and group settings. 

These protocols will be reviewed and adjusted as guidance evolves.


A majority of the countries that we visit around the world have dropped the requirement of producing a negative COVID-19 test result or proof of vaccination to enter.

Some still require you to complete a health declaration form or passenger locator form, so please be prepared to submit any personal information that might be needed.

Here are some additional sites to visit for timely and specific information on entry requirements for different countries:

Note: Travelers are responsible for knowing the entry requirements for the countries they will be visiting and transiting through during their adventure.

When alone with fellow trip members—e.g., in our group vehicle—face masks are not required (subject to change based on local requirements and the discretion of your Trip Leader).

You are required to follow the guidance of your Trip Leader while on the trip. Refusal to do so, especially if it endangers your fellow travel companions or our staff, may result in your removal from the trip.

We urge all of our travelers to purchase travel insurance. We have partnered with Travelex to offer a plan which includes coverage for COVID-19. Under this plan, COVID-19 is a covered reason for trip interruption or cancellation and will be treated in the same way as any other illness under the policy. If you were to contract COVID-19 prior to or during the trip, and your doctor verifies that you could not travel, you would typically be eligible to file a claim to receive reimbursement for the prepaid and non-refundable insured trip, any missed trip days, medical expenses, and other expenses related to a quarantine according to policy limits.

Please visit Travelex’s COVID-19 FAQ page, which answers some commonly asked questions.

For specific questions, you can contact Travelex’s Customer Solutions Center at 1-844-877-1885 or customersolutions@travelexinsurance.com, and refer to the plan number 353A-0320. For more information on state-specific policies, please visit our Travel Insurance page.

For our small ship cruises, Wilderness Travel acts as a travel agent in facilitating cruise bookings. Cancellation and refund policies for cruises are set by each individual cruise operator. Because of that, these terms and conditions differ from our standard policies for land-based small group adventures which are listed in our regular catalog. The Terms and Conditions for any cruise you book through Wilderness Travel is always included with your confirmation packet. Feel free to ask our office for another copy if needed.