Cherry blossom trees by Mountain Fuji.

Best Places to Visit in April

From the Himalayas to Zimbabwe, Japan to the Netherlands, April is a time of blossoming flowers and lush landscapes. It’s a great time to travel for those looking for wildlife in places like Borneo and the Galápagos, and for walks and hikes in pleasant weather in Sicily and Portugal.

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A person hiking the Himalayas.


Springtime in the Himalayas is absolutely magical. Rhododendron forests frame uncrowded hiking trails as lush green meadows welcome you to lofty heights below Everest and Annapurna. It’s still early enough that you’ll miss the summer monsoons and late enough that the snow has melted except on the mountain peaks.

A group of travelers on a safari in Zimbabwe.


Zimbabwe’s green season is a glorious time when birds are in full migration, a brand-new crop of baby animals spring into life, and the clouds create a dramatic sky, making for great photography opportunities. Spectacular Victoria Falls is at its fullest at the end of the rainy season in April.

Himeji Castle with cherry blossom trees in spring season.


On Japan’s largest and most populated island, Honshu, the climate is very similar to the East Coast of the US. April is the peak of spring, and we enjoy peak sakura (cherry blossom) season as well as cool, comfortable weather. However, as spring is a transitional season, we can expect some rain, especially in the mountains.

Two kids observing a Giant Tortoise in the Galapagos.


Clear visibility and calm waters combined with pleasant temperatures make April ideal for snorkeling and kayaking in the Galápagos. Española is full of waved albatrosses at their nest sites performing spectacular courtship dances, and baby green sea turtles and baby land iguanas are hatching.

Portugal landscape.


April marks the beginning of the dry season in Portugal and temperatures are generally mild and warm, with a mix of sunshine and afternoon showers. When we are in the mountains, daytime temperatures can be slightly cooler. The landscape is still lush, and the flowers are blooming!

A monkey climbing a tree.


April in Borneo is perfectly situated between two monsoon seasons. The weather is drier, the winds have calmed, and rainfall is minimal. This is an excellent time of year to explore the breathtaking biodiversity of the Danum Valley and Kinabatangan River.

Temple Segesta in Sicily.


The weather in Sicily in late spring is typically warm and pleasant. Cool breezes and showers can occur at any time, but the resulting wildflower blooms are a sight to behold. It can still get quite cold on Mt. Etna—there’s even a possibility of encountering snow on the trails in April!

The treasury or Al Khazna in Jordan.


The extraordinary lost city of Petra, a World Heritage Site, and the ethereal desert canyon of Wadi Rum make Jordan a must-visit on any travel bucket list, and one of the best times to visit is April, when you can enjoy the warm days, cool evenings, and gentle breezes.

Tulips in the Netherlands.


There’s a Dutch saying that perfectly describes this month’s weather. “April doet wat hij wil,” that translates to “April does what it wants,” and it encompasses a wide range of weather. For the most part, April is very pleasant and the perfect time to visit Keukenhof Gardens, which boasts millions of flowering tulips. This is a quintessential spring adventure!