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Galápagos Islands Tours & Cruises

Adventures in the Enchanted Isles

Where else in the world can you spend a morning with giant tortoises, swim alongside playful sea lions in the afternoon, and savor a tropical sunset on the top deck of a comfortable sailing yacht? The Galápagos Islands are one of the greatest natural history destinations on Earth, and we experience the best of this fascinating archipelago on our exceptional boat-based journeys!

Al fresco dining area on a luxury cruise in the Galápagos Islands.

What Makes Our Galápagos Trips Special?

  • Small Yacht Travel: the Best Way to Experience The Islands — Wake each morning to a new island to explore, and while you enjoy lunch al fresco on deck, we move to a second fascinating site. Traveling by yacht gives you the greatest variety of wildlife, scenery, and certainly the best snorkeling sites.
  • Active Adventures, with Hiking, Snorkeling, and Sea Kayaking — We capture the wonder of Darwin’s legendary archipelago on daily island hikes, snorkeling excursions that reveal sea turtles, penguins, and a kaleidoscopic array of tropical fish, and optional explorations by sea kayak.
  • Our Small Groups Ensure Your Experience is Personalized — With just 14 guests aboard the Passion or 16 guests aboard the Coral II, you’ll enjoy wonderful camaraderie, island access, and an impressive staff-to-guest ratio—it’s an experience not possible on larger cruise ships.
  • Explore and Learn with World-Class Trip Leaders — Our naturalist guides are the best and most experienced in the Galápagos. They are phenomenal teachers, passionate conservationists, and delightful traveling companions.
  • Our Commitment to Conservation — Wilderness Travel is a proud founding member of the International Galápagos Tour Operators Association (IGTOA) and we actively support the Galápagos Conservancy and the Charles Darwin Foundation.

Everything You Need to Know

A man alongside a sea lion on a shore of a beach in the Galapagos Islands.

The islands are a year-round wonder—you simply can’t go wrong. Wildlife activity is always nonstop, however, the most popular months are typically December through June.

  • December to May is considered the “warm season” with warmer, calmer water and a more tropical climate (mid-to-high 80s F and wetter). From January to February, the land birds begin nesting and green sea turtles start to lay their eggs. In March and April, marine iguanas nest on land, blue-footed boobies begin their mating dances, and waved albatrosses arrive on Española. 
  • June to November is considered the “dry season. The ocean is a bit cooler, (roughly 73°F) and air temperatures are very pleasant—in the high 60s to low 70s—and, although the skies are often overcast due to a high fog called the “garua,” it almost never rains. In summer, frigatebird chicks hatch, and whales and dolphins follow their migration routes.
A tourist alongside a giant tortoise.

We’ve designed our Galápagos itineraries to highlight the best islands of the archipelago, with in-depth explorations of the Eastern or Western islands aboard the Passion (or combine both for the Ultimate Galápagos experience) and explorations of the north and central Eastern islands and remote Western islands aboard the Coral II. Each island group has unique characteristics and differences—learn more below!

There is absolutely no doubt in our minds: boat-based trips are the only way to experience the Galápagos. Don’t be lured by the promises of land-based operators; you simply cannot experience the full wonders of the islands from a hotel. On our boat journeys, you’ll wake each morning to a completely new island to explore, and move to a second fascinating spot while you enjoy lunch on board. This allows you to experience the greatest variety of wildlife, scenery, and certainly the best snorkeling sites. Step on board our elegant yacht, unpack just once, and let us bring you to the enchanting Galápagos as only WT can.

Choosing the right yacht makes all the difference to your experience, and we’ve selected the absolute best in the islands for our adventures:

The Passion: Originally a private mega-yacht, the Passion has been completely refurbished for cruising the Galápagos in chic, sophisticated style. Boats this size usually take three times as many passengers, but the Passion welcomes just 14 lucky guests. If you want to experience the islands in style, this is the way to go! Beautifully furnished public areas include a panoramic sky lounge and bar, and nearly 2,000 square feet of wonderful teakwood decks with multiple places to lounge, including a sundeck hot tub. Gourmet meals are served both in the formal dining room or on the upper deck.

The Coral II: The comfortable Coral II is large enough to host 20 guests, but we limit our groups to just 16—with space for up to six solo travelers on each departure (and no single supplement aboard!). Her main lounge features panoramic windows, comfy sofas, a well-stocked bar, and a large TV/DVD for daily presentations by your expert naturalist guide. The Sky Deck has a wildlife observation area (think dolphin-spotting!), and on the Earth Deck, enjoy a soak in the Jacuzzi after a day of exploration. The Moon Deck’s sun-and-shade terrace is the spot for sunset cocktails and stargazing. The 11 air-conditioned cabins have two picture windows (Junior Cabins) or two portholes (Standard Plus Cabins), plus double or twin options.

A couple enjoying a meal together on a boat in the Galápagos Islands.

Celebrating a family reunion, graduation, or just wanting to share an adventure with your family or friends? The Galápagos Islands are the perfect destination for a Private Journey and a thrilling experience for all ages. Your group can take over the dates for one of our scheduled trips, or we can charter the Passion (14 guests) or the Coral II (16 guests) for your chosen dates. You’ll get your own private naturalist guide, crew, and yacht—and the adventure—all to yourselves! It’s the perfect place for a celebration vacation.

Our Trip Leaders are absolutely extraordinary, both for the depth of their knowledge and the absolute passion—and gift—they have for sharing their expertise. All have university degrees in a biological science as well as all required licensing to guide in the Galápagos. They are wonderful ambassadors for the Galápagos, and delightful traveling companions. In their company, you’ll experience and learn so much as you savor one of the world’s most fascinating natural history destinations.

Additionally, the top-notch crew of each boat, most of whom are from the islands, provides wonderfully attentive service, with a 1:1 passenger-to-crew ratio aboard the 14-guest Passion and a crew of 11-12 aboard the 16-guest Coral II. Led by experienced captains, the boat crew is patient, helpful, hard-working, and they take amazing care of you. They excel in every detail, clearly experts in running the boat but also immensely helpful in meeting and anticipating all your needs. They’re also lots of fun and ready with a smile—they love sharing the whole experience with you!


The Passion was our home for the week. Such luxury! The boat was spacious and our room was terrific. It was so exciting to be in the thick of this wonderful place—waking up to another striking view, a tall craggy rock structure, crashing waves on a cliff in one direction and low hills in a volcano shape in the other, with a little beach in between, and clouds along the horizon in every direction.


This is the best Galápagos itinerary of any tour company with so many islands visited and such a comprehensive wildlife experience. There aren’t enough superlatives to express the depth of this fantastic experience.


Thank you so much for the wonderful trip to the Galápagos you organized for us. It was a great experience for the children as well as the adults. The boat was fantastic, the crew excellent, the guide Rafael superb, everything worked out so well. Thank you again.


Fantastic trip! From the moment we landed, the journey was seamless. Excellent attention to detail and warm, enthusiastic communication. The naturalist was best-in-class and really made the trip extra special!


This trip was more than I ever expected…every day we saw fantastic animals and plant life. The snorkeling was great…I got to see all different fish I’ve never seen before and snorkeling with a sea lion! I’ve been talking about this trip for years and it lived up to my expectations.


The activities planned were perfect for fitting in almost everything Galápagos has to offer! The food was absolutely delicious, and the overall hospitality of the ship and hotels was better than great!


This was without a doubt one of the best trips I’ve taken in my entire life. The professionalism and thoughtfulness that was demonstrated time and time again by the crew and the staff was superlative. An outstanding experience for me and my kids!


A truly memorable bucket-list trip! The entire group of seven of us agreed that it was the best vacation we had ever taken. We were as active as we wanted to be, and we always felt safe.


This was a fantastic experience for us and for the rest of the family. The crew was exemplary, and they made it a trip of a lifetime for all. We look forward to another similar trip, and we also look forward to several upcoming Wilderness Travel adventures.


Of all the travelling I’ve done around the world, the Galápagos was truly my ‘trip of a lifetime.’ Thank you, WT, for all your support and helping to make it so.


This trip was wonderful. The ship staff were exceptional in their service, professionalism, and interaction with the tour members. The Passion was comfortable, larger than expected and exceptionally clean.


This trip exceeded my expectations and fulfilled a desire to see the Galapagos that I have had since childhood. I am still feeling the ‘glow’ of the experience.


This was one of the very best trips in my life. It was a complete experience—the boat, the wildlife, the Trip Leader, the fellow passengers.


Being aboard the yacht was a thrill, and eating on deck with the beauty of the islands in view was beyond spectacular. Our adventures with Wilderness Travel have made us believers—you do your job with excellence and pride.

Two tourists watching two boobies.

Community & Conservation

Wilderness Travel is a proud founder and sponsor of the International Galápagos Tour Operators Association (IGTOA), and all of our trips to the Galápagos Islands include a donation to their Traveler Conservation Fund. Money goes directly to disease control, banishing invasive species, and fighting marine crimes and illegal fishing, all of which play a crucial role in conserving the wildlife and habitat of the Galápagos Islands. 

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