Special Events

full sun eclipse, red galaxy in space.

Solar Eclipses, Wildlife Research & Symposia on Ancient Cultures

Imagine discussing wildlife conservation issues with world-renowned researchers in Africa’s game reserves, joining the world’s leading archaeologists for exclusive access to recently discovered Egyptian tombs, or watching a total solar eclipse in a remote corner of the planet with top astronomers—these are just some of the unique experiences to be had on our Special Events. These specially-themed journeys, each featuring a team of esteemed guest experts, bring you a unique insider’s view, and you can only find it with Wilderness Travel.

Our list of past luminaries is lengthy and has included: Jane Goodall, Sir Edmund Hillary, Mary Leakey, wildlife biologist George Schaller, author Barry Lopez, astronomer Alex Filippenko, adventurer Thor Heyerdahl, and mountaineers Reinhold Messner, Conrad Anker, and Alex Honnold.

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