TRUE or FALSE? Here Are The 5 Things Nigerian Politicians Do When Election Is Near

Nigeria General election will take place in 2019, barely few months away but please help us tell all our Politicians say our eyes don clear in Oritsefemi’s voice ??
However, various people contesting for various post have been putting up different performances, just to show they are the right person for the position.
Nigerian Politicians do anything possible just to convince us they are the best man for the post. They pull up Shocking stunts just to cajole us to vote for them but at the end, we still suffer for believing in them.
Below are some things Nigerian politician does when election is nearby.

1. They Suddenly Remember Their Constituencies & People At The Local Level

Gov. Aregbesola speaking with Elderly Indigenes
When elections are close by, most Nigerian politicians suddenly start paying regular visit to their constituencies.
They forget their big residential palace in Abuja. They come down to the hood and make us believe they are one of us.
After Election, we won’t see them again until it’s another election time and yet Nigerians still believe they will work and do well this time around.
May God heal us.

2. Time To Take Pictures With An Average Nigerian

Gov. Fayose buying Kpomo
Yes, this is the moment they are willing to take a ‘selfie’ with an average Nigerian.
They storm common places unexpectedly. You see news headline like “Governor XYZ, buys Pepper at Night Market”, “President ABC takes pictures with Mango seller” etc.
We don wake up. If una like make una Pound Fufu, na for una pocket. We don wise up!

3. They Become Very Humble

Gov. Ajimobi campaigning to Market women
Election is one factor that can bring out humility in a Nigerian politician.
The politicians contesting for one position or the other can do anything just to look humble in they eyes of the Residents.
However, it is not ‘real’ humility, everything is for the camera. Once they win, una go see pepper.

4. They Try To Look For Loopholes In The Statement Of Oppositions

Fayose thinks Buhari will die if he becomes the President
Nigerian politicians are good with searching for weakness from whatever an opposition says.
No matter what the opposition might be saying, it is still a lie in the ear of the opposite candidates
Once the candidates are of different parties, they don’t mean well for themselves at all.

5. They Give Endless Promises

All the Jobless Gradautes don dey work, All Thanks to him! lol
This is the moment you hear promises you didn’t bargain for.
You hear hard to believe statements like ”When I become chairman of this local government, I will give every house a transformer” ???
Eh? You say what?
The funny thing however is that, in most cases, we the voters know they are out to ‘toy with our feelings’ but we just play along.
Which of the Things above have you experienced?
What do you know about Nigerian politicians during election?
Feel free to tell us in the comment section.
Drop your comments.
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