Beyond Encryption: The 5 Pillars of Cloud Data Security


Given the current inflow of cyber-protection attacks and the hubbub about the country wide safety enterprise’s prism software, there’s lot of talk approximately the importance of encryption to defend corporate statistics within the cloud. (prism is a clandestine data mining operation authorized with the aid of the u.S. Government wherein facts stored or passing over the net may be gathered with out the proprietor’s information or consent.)

Whilst it’s proper that encryption helps to preserve data non-public, encryption is just 1 of five abilties needed to completely secure corporate facts in the cloud. Allow me to apply an analogy inside the physical international to provide an explanation for what i suggest.

Banks are a perfect example of the usage of layers of safety to shield vital belongings. A bank branch has a vault wherein it stores cash and other valuables. Having a vault is crucial, but on its very own it is no longer enough to completely protect the riches inside.

The financial institution additionally has guidelines to manual who can get admission to the vault; what identity techniques are required to verify that an worker or customer has the right to get entry to the vault; the hours whilst the vault may be legitimately accessed; and so forth.

The financial institution additionally wishes surveillance cameras so that in occasion of a breach, the government can play returned the recording to understand exactly what took place, and whilst. Stationed near the vault, the bank has a safety protect for added safety against threats and to discourage thieves. And finally, the financial institution employs armored vans to transport cash round from the bank to stores, to off-premise atms, and to different banks.

In addition, while we talk about protective company records inside the cloud, you want greater than only a factor encryption solution; you want comprehensive approach to cloud information security.

Let’s start with encryption-a generation that has been round for decades however is now more essential than ever as threats from all angles are increasing. The encryption answer you operate for your statistics desires to be requirements-primarily based and it need to guide both based and unstructured facts. For structured information, the encryption era must not wreck any utility capability (which includes searching or sorting). This latter requirement is pretty essential; if you can’t search on facts in remarks field in salesforce.Com due to the fact it is obscured through encryption, you’ve defeated the price of the usage of the software.

So encryption is 1 of 5 critical security talents. What are the opposite four?

You need contextual get right of entry to manage so you can make sure cozy get admission to to the records based on who the customers are, what gadgets they’re the use of, and what geographic places they’re in.

You want application auditing so you can discover who has accessed which records and alert based on anomalous use. This is important as most saas applications don’t offer audit trail of “read” operations to understand what precisely took place when an incident came about.

You need facts loss prevention equipment to ensure that pii and phi records isn’t transferring to or thru the cloud inside the clear in violation of pci, hipaa and hitech regulations.

And sooner or later, you want the ability to without difficulty but continually enforce these policies for cloud-to-cloud use instances.

This ultimate want is an up-and-coming requirement that agencies are simply beginning to realise, however it’s going to grow more critical as agencies use greater cloud-based totally applications. Let me provide you with an instance.

Let’s say a agency makes use of jive for enterprise social and container for cloud storage of documents published in jive. When jason, an employee in my sales department, posts a weblog publish on a competitor with an in depth attachment, jive mechanically stores the document in container. On this cloud-to-cloud state of affairs, i need to make certain that my protection, compliance and governance policies are continuously enforced across both, jive and field.

Encryption as a way of information security is a superb begin, but not enough. Ensure you bolster it with the other crucial safety abilities for a extra entire cloud information security strategy. To learn more check out our beyond encryption slideshare.

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